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Shift-clicking an item into a full chest deletes it



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      In a chest’s interface, shift-clicking an item from the player’s inventory places it into the chest, as expected. However, when the chest is full, shift-clicking still works, and appears to delete the item. A quick inspection of the chest’s NBT data with the blockdata command seems to confirm that the item is not just placed in a slot that doesn’t appear in the interface. Breaking the chest does not drop the lost item either. The glitch also occurs with trapped chests, double chests and double trapped chests.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Put down a chest or a trapped chest, and another chest of the same kind next to it.
      2. Fill up each of the chest’s slots with any quantity of any item.
      3. Shift-click an item stack that does not fit in the chest (stack too large, or item not stackable with the contents of any of the chest’s slots).

      Expected behavior:
      The game puts as much of the shift-clicked stack as possible into the chest, leaving the leftover in the player’s inventory. Or the operation fails altogether and leaves the whole stack in place.

      Actual behavior:
      The game puts all of the items into the chest, and the overflow is (seemingly) deleted.

      This might also occur with other storage blocks/entities, like the minecart with chest.


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