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/clear bug - staying item in invetory while it should not be there



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    • Minecraft 15w38a
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    • Windows 8 Java Version 8 Update 45
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      I am using a chest and the /replaceitem command, triggered by a repeat clock. So if I take out the item it replaces it and I got it in the inventory.

      Now I made a repeat commandblock with /clear. It says to delete this item (gotten from the chest) to delete. So I can't get this block in my inventory.

      If I put this block now by clicking with left mousebutton and place it in my inventory, it is still there. If I take it in the hotbar it wont disappear and If I want to place it then, it disappears on the ground (unable to place) but it's still in the inventory.

      What I expected to happen was...:
      Clearing the block all time. (In inventory)
      Never have an empty chest. (keeping block in it)

      What actually happened was...:
      The block I put in my inventory out of the chest bugs and is still in it, but it should be deleted. I can't use it anyways, like it's normaly not there

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Make 2 repeat-commandblocks
      2. Block 1: clear @p[r=10] minecraft:log 0 1
      3. Block 2: /replaceitem block ~1 ~ ~ slot.container.13 minecraft:log
      4. x ~1 should be a chest
      5. Drag the block by leftclicking it and put it in the inventory
      6. Then close the chest and try to select it in the hotbar.
      7. Place it, you'll see that it disappears on the ground but not in the inventory.
      PS: Don't click on the block while in the chest.


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