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Ender Dragon Breath freezes server when under or above the world


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    • Minecraft 15w36d, Minecraft 15w44a, Minecraft 1.9.1, Minecraft 1.9.2, Minecraft 16w14a, Minecraft 1.10, Minecraft 1.11.2, Minecraft 18w02a, Minecraft 1.13.1, Minecraft 1.13.2, Minecraft 18w48a, Minecraft 18w48b, Minecraft 18w49a, Minecraft 19w14a, Minecraft 1.14.1
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      The bug

      Due to MC-90423 the ender dragon will make the breath attack at the highest block at (0, 0), however if there is no block or if the block is at 255 the dragon tries to perform the breath attack there which will make the server unresponsive (freeze).

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a void world
      2. Teleport to 0, 0
        /tp 0 ~ 0
      3. Remove the block below you if there is one
      4. Summon an ender dragon
        /summon ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ {DragonPhase:11}
      5. Summon a boat near 0, 0
        /summon boat 7 0 0 {NoGravity:1b,Invulnerable:1b}
      6. Switch to Survival or Adventure mode and enter the boat
      7. Punch the dragon when it is near you

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