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Quirky tool and weapon animations (attack strength feature)


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    • Minecraft 15w44b
    • Minecraft 15w36b, Minecraft 15w36c
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      I feel that the tools and weapons animate very quirky and confusing.
      When striking a sword, you can hardly see the strike, in comparison to pre 1.9.

      The Sword looks like it gets drawn/holstered like a cliche cowboy holsters his gun, and flips it on his finger, its quite weird for a sword imo...

      Same with the tools, they move so fast you can hardly see what you use, and makes it almost visually useless.

      Also the transition is very akward, it feels more like it pops up with a weird twist.

      Example, while shoveling (holding mousebutton like normal), it looks like something small if flashing below me, instead of seeing a expected swing/dig.
      The draw delay is so high that it doesnt have time to draw upwards, and yet you are able to shovel blocks of dirt very fast, and that is to me very akward and confusing.

      This "flashing" and akwardness, imo takes away the visual fun of hitting with a sword, or digging with your shovel.
      And the tools are to much negatively affected by the PvP focus.

      The animation of the tools, make the game fun, and especially rewarding, by farming, digging, mining, etc. by watching your swing and dig and hit the blocks as you expect.

      Now tools behave like spam clicking basically, eventhough you are not.

      • Why not only let it affect weapons only, and leave the tools as the were, for work only, not fighting.

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