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Huge section of my castle complex was REPLACED by a rectangular cross-section of a mountain!



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.8.8
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      OSX, Java 1.6.0_65
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      I was mining in my large underground mining complex, and then was riding my minecart up a long powered track to the surface when the track suddenly ended and my cart hit a huge flat wall that had not been there before. After recovering from shock, I looked around and realized that a rectangular cross-section of a completely different area had completely replaced the same sized section of my castle complex. There was tons of rock and dirt, grass and trees where just before had been a large portion of my castle. I lost many months of work and more treasure and resources than I can possible count because almost all my storage chests were in the lost section. I am so frustrated now that I am giving up this game forever after putting in thousands of hours of work on my domain.


        1. Castle, front view.png
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          Tim Lillard
        2. Castle and grounds, front view.png
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          Tim Lillard
        3. ground, tree, where there shouldn't be any.png
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        4. ground imbedded where castle should be.png
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        5. missing chunk of castle with ground imbedded.png
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        6. missing part of castle, looking down.png
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        7. missing part of castle, looking up.png
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        8. missing piece of castle, partial rooms.png
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        9. rectangular chunk of castle missing.png
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        10. view of missing part of castle with imbedded ground.png
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