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Vanished Animals and villagers - just not all - the great minecraft plague?



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 15w32c
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      windows 8.1

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      I did do a search, but just a bit confused so my appologies in advance if this is duplicated.

      Situation is odd, inexplicable. I am using an old world, Yes, I have backed it up so this is not really an issue to me.But animals, particularly those that are not deep underground have vanished.

      Initially I thought it was animals that didn't have tags, but the more I looked around the more I realised that animals with and without name tags were gone. More specifically animals that appeared to be surface level.

      I did a quick flight around my working area and not only are the farm animals gone, but Villagers as well - and their iron gollums. Oddly, some zones appear less effective. I found one spot with some a cow and two pigs and a lonely villager where the rest of his town is devoid of all life?

      The question is, is this issue something to do with the sun or disease? The villager prisoners in the open are gone, yet the ones in their cells underground are okay. Question is, is sufficient rock protecting some of my world inhabitants? The villager who is hiding with his animals is actually in an sheltering overhang. The prisoners are in cells built into a cliff face, And my primary farm is under ground. My farm, has all animal types, tagged, untagged and villagers - And not a single one missing.

      Red Barn farm: This has a crashing Decepticon ship overhead. The sheep pen is completely sheltered by the ship, but the barn is in the open. The barn is empty of all animals, rabbit, sheep and cows. The only surviving animals are the Sheep that have wandered in from being under the belly of the overhead ship.

      At Six Lasers park, the dome full of Jeb_ sheep are gone, I had at least a dozen colour changing sheep as well as one or two dinnerbone villagers. Horse stables are empty, the arena is empty. Not even a chicken.

      It appears to be an area affected that I have been working in All above ground or animals that are not under multiple layers of protecting blocks have gone. I have no idea when it happened, only that I noticed missing animals yesterday. Area affected has significant amount of new end material.

      Anyway, there is world based fanfic fodder here. Thought i would bring it up. I hope its not a duplicate, and if it was, its a decent read.


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