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Detector rails being pushed by pistons do not shut off redstone beneath or around after cart passes by



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    • Minecraft 1.4.7
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      Windows 7
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      After playing with pistons and rails, a piston that pulls a minecart detector rail away from the block that would be used to power redstone related items remains lit after minecart has passed. After a little while the game will render the block back to normal.

      To create the problem first redesign this contraption:

      (Mind that there is a redstone torch beneath the powered rail that is connected to the detector rail)

      (I would show this via video but due to file size and video quality i can not. Here are some images describing the problem instead)

      1.) preparation/ What it should look like

      2.) Going to press the wooden button

      3.) Whats happening here:

      The sticky piston on top of the gold blocks pushs the powered rail in front of the detector rail to raise it, so the cart can move. Upon movement the sticky piston on grass pulls the detector rail away which gives the minecart enough time to hit the powered rail and zoom off

      4.) And the problem shows:

      The detector rail is pushed back into place, however as you can see, the rail acts as if it was still powered, messing up the circutry.
      I tested it without the powered rail and this is the result:

      Still there...

      5.) Further evidence

      6.) Rendering failure?

      I had realized that after leaving the area for a certain time, or leaving a certain distance, reverts the contraption back to normal. I therefore checked my rendering, and you can see in the images below, the difference in the renders in the pie graph. (Probably more visible if you had the images on top of one another)

      Photo taken later:

      Overall to me this appears to be a rendering failure. I have tested this on survival and creative for the Xbox 360 minecraft; Same problem occurs, same reason occurs. Probably because this problem existed well before the current update. Without this problem being fixed, dual train stations may never come into existence.

      This concludes my report.

      Notice: I apologize if someone has already posted this. Most detector rail issues were involving the latest snapshot. In case of duplicate, make it possible to compile this file into first creators to add proof and evidence to their case.

      I also apololgize on the images size. The editor that i used to make this had to make them huge.



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