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Duplicated Maps in Item frames lose location Icons after reloading client with unloaded chunks


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    • Minecraft 1.8.7
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    • Windows 7 SP1, 64bit guest OS with current Java 8 Update 45 64bit, Minecraft Realms server
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      Duplicated Maps in Item Frames do not retain information of other maps placed if the chunk has been unloaded and the client reloads, and will not show up in the Duplicated map until the chunk containing the Duplicated Map is loaded

      Similar to other issues dealing with maps in unloaded chunks, as I do not believe positional location information is kept on the server about where items like Maps have been set down.

      Issue is most noticeable on a fully zoomed map. Create a duplicate of the map and set the duplicated map in an item frame in a chunk of the map (roughly 20 chunks away), which will show a green icon of where the map is at.

      -Log off at least 20 chunks away and close out of the client
      -Give the server time to unload the chunks from memory (roughly 2-5 mins, depending on the server settings
      -Open the client back up and relog into the server
      -View the map in inventory and you will not see the green icon indicating where the other map was placed

      Again, I believe the issue stems from how maps are unassociated from other maps until the chunk containing them are loaded. Either maps should maintain their own dataset that syncs when a loaded chunk is encountered, or something similar to the affect of allowing maps to know where other maps were last at, before the chunk was unloaded.

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