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      A giant perfectly square pit I've never noticed before appeared by my house. I thought it was a cave, until I walked over, looked down, and could see right up until my chunk rendering stopped. "Okay, I need more wood then," I thought, before getting some and coming back. It gets weirder. I placed a chunk of wood in the pit to make a dock to climb down. It disappeared. Okay..? I put another one down to try again, instead it stacked on top of now invisible acacia planks. I walk away, I come back, I try again, I try cutting down the inviso-blocks, they break, nothing comes back into my inventory. I log out. I log back in. Still having this issue. I log out, close laptop, give it some cool down time. Let it rest, yknow? Boot it up, log in, the pit is still there. I go over, place a block. nothing happens, place another block, and suddenly I'm taking damage, no knockback, pinned into whatever invisible wall the invisible blocks are making which shouldn't be there. I freak out, and run away. Slowly, reapproach the pit. I try placing another block. Nothing happens. I leave. Google the problem. Google says pit is convenient and I should try to light torches, maybe blocks will spawn in with new interaction. Place down torch. Suddenly invisible blocks in that area are visible! But! They aren't wood, they are suddenly stone. I don't have stone in inventory. Don't know where that came from. Still don't trust the ground so I don't walk on it, and try other blocks. No more blocks light up, but a torch does stick to a thin air inviso-block. I don't know what's up and it's freaking me out. Might make a new world. The pit might be a glitch of invisible blocks to start with, and the textures are missing. Whole underground caves are visible through them, but things like lava and water are just cut off, no drip down or running over, nothing normal happening. Someone help!
      What I expected to happen was...:
      Not this. place blocks and they appear, and to not take damage.

      What actually happened was...:
      bottomless pit, interactive invisible blocks, missing textures, damage where no threat is pressent

      Steps to Reproduce:
      I have no idea how


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