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Portals destination is offset in 1.8.1 update



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.8.1
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      Mac OS-X Yosemite
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      Our experience:

      • Create a portal-pair
      • Place gates across the portal (to prevent livestock from crossing
      • Walk through portal.

      EXPECTED: In previous versions, one arrives standing in/on the portal and can open the gate, step out, then close the gate behind them.

      ACTUAL: starting in 1.8.1, arrival seems to be offset by 1M, which can result in unusual or disastrous placement.

      More details:

      Scott emails the gang:
      The server was upgraded [to 1.8.1] last night, and it seems that it may have caused a vertical shift in the Nether. Both of the portals at my main camp (Cathedral Rock) will port you to a spot about 4 meters lower than expected. Unfortunately, there is nothing there, except a very long fall. In one case, the fall is ended by lava.

      Bottom line: exercise caution when using portals. This situation may be unique to my area... and it may have nothing to do with the update. I just wanted to let you know that I had these issues this morning.

      [Then, later]
      The issue I had this morning seems to be caused my a new [in 1.8.1] behavior when going through portals. Instead of delivering the character to the portal on the other side, the game will deliver the character to a spot one meter in front of (or in back of) the portal. If that spot has a "closed" gate, the game will likely deliver the character to a lower position.

      Solution: keep the space one meter in front of the portal empty.

      Josh (server admin) says:
      That seems a rather odd change to make. Any clue which side is the front? I’ve certainly set a lot of portals against walls.


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