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    •  I use windows 8.1 64-bit, the most recent update for Java. When I'm in any minecraft world, bits of the chunks start flickering displaying the usual landscape, or a grey area that shows mine shafts etc below ground.
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      So I just got Minecraft 1.8.1 just the other day from Minecraft.net after replacing my laptops hard drive with an SSD, and I jumped on the realm I purchased before I changed the hard drive. After a few moments of gameplay, I began seeing images as seen in images 1 and 2. The grey area outlined in image two will flicker between the normal landscape (seen in image 3) and the grey unseeable crap in image 2, which also shows mineshafts etc. I've seen a couple threads on here describing a similar problem, and that the solution for them seemed to be turning off mipmaps and VBO. I have tried turning off both, but that has not help the problem at all.

      Please help!! My video card is an Intel(R) HD graphics (that's what it says) I'm running windows 8.1 on it and Minecraft 1.8.1.


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