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/tp command doesn't output rotation


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      The output of the /tp command always showed the three coordinates (x, y, z) in the output after teleporting an entity. But now that rotational teleport is supported, the output doesn't show the rotation. If you constantly change the rotation of an entity (and only the rotation), it'll always output the same thing, because the entity's coordinates aren't being changed, but only the rotation.

      Also, it seems to be a bug because before it showed the coordinates when only the coordinates could be specified, meaning a complete output of the command result. But now, since the rotation can also be specified and doesn't appear in the output, it isn't complete anymore, because it doesn't show the complete result of the command.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1- Using the /tp command, change the rotation of any entity (example: /tp @p ~ ~ ~ 0 0).
      2- Look at the output. It shows you current coordinates, but not your current rotation, the only thing that was changed by the command.

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