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entire world disintegrated after a chasm spontaneously appeared next to house


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    • Minecraft 1.8
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      a chasm spontaneously appeared where my chicken coop was next to the house I built. i tried to build over it but the game wouldn't let me. when i tried putting torches down around it, they didn't light up more than one block. finally i put all of my things in a chest and tried to jump in to see what would happen. instead of falling, my character twitched in the air over the chasm and my entire world disintegrated before my eyes. it has been over 24 hours and it still shows just an endless blue void whenever i try to load that world. i tried turning the difficulty up to hard hoping that if i die it'll reset and spawn me at my house like nothing happened. it won't let me starve and nothing will kill me. i can still hear monster and animal sounds though so i know somethings nearby but i can't see or do anything.

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