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Minecraft "glass bottle" can't be filled in Creative Mode


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    • Minecraft 1.8
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    • Windows 7 x64 Home Premium
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      When in Creative Mode, if I take a "glass bottle" and go to a "cauldron" that had been filled with water, and press the right mouse button to put water in the "glass bottle", the water level goes down in the "cauldron". However, the "glass bottle" does not turn into a "water bottle" as it is supposed to. I have to switch out to Survival Mode, to fill the "glass bottle", and then switch back to Creative. I understand that in Creative Mode, it doesn't deplete your items (like bottles) so it can't actually turn your "glass bottle" into a "water bottle" but it should do as it does in other similar situations. It should give you an extra bottle in another slot, and have that new bottle be a "water bottle". For records in a "juke box" for example, it already handles this situation correctly. If you eject a record from a "juke box" in Creative and pick it up, it simply gives you an extra copy of the record (rather than reducing the number of records you have when you insert it, and giving you the record back after you eject it).

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