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Wither Skull spawned without a direction "Flicker"


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    • Minecraft 1.8.1-pre3
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      I'm trying to set up a GUI for Color Cube 2, And I'm Spawning slimes riding Wither Skulls with no direction, so that i can display their names without them being displayed. In the past when you gave a wither skull a tag of direction:[]
      (Shouldn't direction be capitalized?) it would spawn a wither skull that you could not see, but if you gave it a name it would display that name. This is crucial in the making of this GUI, because No other entity can be invisible, and still display the name.

      Another thing I noticed about the wither skulls is that even with an invisibility effect on, they still displayed their names, And still "flickered".
      What I mean by that is that for brief moments you can see the wither skull.

      To recreate this Just use the command;
      Summon WitherSkull ~ ~ ~


      Adding the invisibility effect doesn't stop the flicker either.

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