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Player icons move behind map (map item)



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.8, Minecraft 1.8.1-pre3
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Win 7, Linux, Oracle 32 bit, Oracle 64 bit, Open-JRE. Server has 8G of RAM, home Win7 box has 4G, work's Win 7 box has 32G.
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      There are 3 of us playing on a 1.8 server and we noticed that the player icons would not be present. As time went on, I noticed that some players' icons would appear normally (say as round dots off the edge of a map) and then as I transitioned into the map, my round dot moved to behind the map item's graphic.

      I've also noticed this with the pointer at the edge of a map.

      The above behaviors make me believe the icons are generated on a layer below the map graphics.

      The only fix thus far has been to restart the server.

      Things we've tried and/or noticed:
      » Updated server to 1.8.1.pre from 1.8, no change.
      » On server (fresh ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64 install), switched from open-jre to oracle's Java 7. No effect.
      » On clients, both Win 7 64bits, have tried the generic whatever browsers install 32 bit java as well as the downloaded from oracle 64 bit latest build. No effect.
      » Sometimes the green pointers are not all present.
      » There is always at least 1 green pointer on a map. There are 3 of us on our map#15 which is where we started.
      » Going to the Nether definitely hides icons. One user loves the Nether and says quitting his client and getting back in fixes his map. Today, he requested a restart, so that's not 100% fix.
      » I have never had a client restart fix the hidden pointer problem for me.
      » Sometimes both of the other players appear on my map(s) normally.
      » This can affect one or more maps simultaneously.
      » We have 15 full-sized maps in our world, with the highest # of map_111.
      » If map#15 is broken, it is entirely possible a different map shows no signs of misbehaving. In our case, I don't care, as 15 is well covered with rails, etc. So I have been on the map above (#43) with it working knowing that 15 was broken.
      » There is no extra information written to the server's log when the map goes bad.
      » I have had a map stop working as soon as 30 minutes after a server restart.
      » Maps have proven to work for as long as 2 hours after a server restart. (longer periods possible, just haven't been observed as yet)

      I've got a couple screenshots at home. I'll update with those tonight. Server and clients are under my control, so I can try anything and also share the world, if desired.


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