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Zone in singeplayer level reverts to former savestate



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.8
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      Windows 7 x64, Java Update 25 x64 (8.0.25), Minecraft Launcher 1.5.3
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      I have a weird problem, I have an old world I'm building on (saved from 2013 on external hard drive) and last week it worked fine but suddenly I stumbled upon this area where no changes can be made.

      Everytime I try to change anything in that zone, when I save and quit and go back, it reverts to the former savestate before I started working on it. I can dig out a whole dungeonroom and make a bridge or anything (it's underground), but as soon as I relog all changes is gone, just a normal stonecave again.

      It is as if this area is stuck in time.

      When I login, I can see my recent changes for a brief second, before it POOF back to a boring stonecave. It is only this area, I can make change sjust fine around it, but not in that specific place. It's rather big, so can't continue working until I know what is is.
      Also sometimes when I relog in and place a new block, some blocks around it changes to the new material I chose before save-quit.

      The place is around x 300 z 600, so it can't be spawn area protection (since I can remove them just fine)

      Also, sometimes the zone reverts while I'm STILL in the level, I can make a sandstone wall, go around a corner and make another change, then when I head back it's a normal stonecave again. I'm superconfused.

      I have no idea what file to attach, as I don't know what the problem is. It doesn't seem to be corrupted chunks, I can see and interact just fine with the zone, and it doesn't make me crash, but all my changes is gone when I save-quit and log back in.


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