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Beacons don't work in Nether



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    • Minecraft 1.8
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    • Windows 7, Java 1.7.0_67 32bit
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      Just ignore my update here...

      Before I say anything, I searched for recent Beacon bugs here to see if my issue had already been addressed. I saw there was a Beacon bug reported recently, and that it was resolved. Now Beacons do work fine in the Overworld. But they still don't work in the Nether =O

      Prior to the 1.8 update, I had boosts on attack and regen on at all times. Everything worked fine, and I one-hit-KO'd Pigmen and Wither Skeletons left and right. After the 1.8 update, the boosts seemed to turned off. Nothing with my setup changed. It simply turned off by itself. So, I went to go feed another ingot to the Beacon to turn them back on. At first, I was able to feed the Beacon a gold ingot like normal. I realized shortly after though that feeding it didn't do anything. The Beacon just ate my gold for nothing. I went back to feed it again, but the green checkmark box and all the other buttons in the Beacon are grayed out and unclickable. I could not feed the Beacon.

      Please fix before the angry Pigmen pwn me xD


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