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After riding in boat hungry draining / starving while not moving AND no players or mobs are nearby.



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      Playing on my minecraft realms server my character has been burning through food like crazy even when I'm just standing still crafting or afk. It's not happening 100% of the time but at least 2/3 of the time I'm playing my hunger is draining 2-4x faster than anyone else on my server. It's getting to the point where I'm eating almost as often as I'm mining or doing anything else in the game.

      I've tried using just about every different food I can find and higher saturation foods do help. But once it wears off my hunger bar drops down quickly regardless of whether I'm sprint jumping or standing completely still.

      This happens regardless of distance to any mobs nearby. I've had it happen at the top of well lit towers with no mobs or other players within at least 64 blocks of me.

      UPDATE: In order to duplicate this issue all I have to do is ride around in a boat for about 20 seconds or so. After exiting the boat my hunger will start to drain as if I am constantly sprint jumping even when I'm standing perfectly still. I've done this near mobs, far away from mobs, and everywhere in between. Exiting the game and rejoining fixes the issue until you reenter a boat however.

      This issue seems to be similar or the same as: MC-54618


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