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Zombie pigmen spawn hostile



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    • Minecraft 14w34d, Minecraft 1.8-pre3
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    • PC version, survival, hard, natural health regen off, world border approx 130 blocks in diameter
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      Previously killed zombie pigmen in nether to gather gold for apples. They are now hostile (obviously). I need to work in the nether in peace so I cause existing hostile pigmen to suicide by drop height.

      In theory, suicides will not agro nearby pigmen and newly spawned pigmen should spawn unagro. Correct? In reality, newly spawned pigmen either spawn agro or agro on sight and pursue, including from across the map and well outside borders. I spent about an hour watching pigmen spawn and flood into the suicide trap and they never stopped coming, even without causing any damage to them directly. I even saw a normal zombie come into the suicide trap, even though I had not directly damaged any pigmen today.

      Additionally, pigmen seem to be agro no matter where I go. All 4 corners of the map have pigmen flooding in through the border to kill me, even though I am making them all suicide and the hostile act was well over 100 blocks away. Pigmen should not be agro outside of 32 blocks of the pigmen that was assaulted, correct?


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