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World chunks re-load or fail to save, and magical cows.


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    • Minecraft 1.7.10
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    • OSX 10.7.5, Java 7
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      I have no idea how to replicate it, but it's happened multiple times. I'm playing in singleplayer.
      I have no idea what's happening, but occasionally chunks will re-load back into the world, undoing all of the changes i've made to it. in the attached screenshot, there's one example. it took me about a half hour to convert all of that lava to obsidian and mine it all out, uncovering about 30 diamonds in the process. (fortune III pick has it's uses.)
      I spend roughly 90% of my time in this mine down here, and possibly a little bit going in and out of the nether. I don't think that the nether is what's causing this, though, because a chunk went bad before I'd even found diamonds, and cows keep appearing in the exact same mysterious places (out of their pen).
      I will admit, I do have MCEdit, but I can pretty much guarantee that program isn't causing this, because the glitches were happening before I even used it on this world.
      it doesn't make the game unplayable at the moment, but I need to re-mine all of that obsidian. on the plus side though... yay for more diamonds.

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