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This bug about swords. Swords don't dig in creative mode.


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    • Minecraft 1.7.10
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    • Apple iMac Bootcamp Windows 7, Java Version 7 Update 67
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      Hello Dear Sir & Madam,
      First of all sorry about my bad English.
      When i was playing Minecraft in creative mod i catched a bug.
      I took a golden sword and i tried to dig dirt but unfortunately i didn't dig.
      I tried all of them(iron,wooden,stone,diamond,golden) and all blocks include plants,glasses,rails e.g. then i failed. But i digged Minecrats(all types),boats and i extinguished fire. When i switch to survival mode i can dig all of them except bedrock. I recorded my test's little part and attached.
      Ziya ERKOC

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