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Creepers suffering from premature eruption



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    • Minecraft 14w34c
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      They get a bit sensitive about discussing this problem, but their performance anxiety is easily seen. This evening, the worst case ever. I was AFK getting a nice cold icecream, a solution which may work for them too, when a creeper homed in on me and exploded all over me, well, that was its intention, but unfortunately for it, it went off WAY too early and I barely got splashed, rather than copping a good old drenching in creeper blast.

      Most of the time these days, if they get a chance to explode, it is far too far from me to be effective. This also causes problems when they are amongst your erections (as in constructions of course), and you are attempting to attempting to beguilingly lure them into more fertile areas, suitable for their favourite solo activity. At what appears to be sufficient distance away to prevent explosion, you await their soft padding footsteps to come sliding along after you, but no, they stand their ground, explode, doing no damage to the player, but of course, messing the place up where they were standing.

      Please put them into therapy and have them think happy thoughts until they can see the jaundiced yellow of my eyes.




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