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Players can spawn outside of their house when waking up from a bed/respawning at a bed


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    • Minecraft 14w33c, Minecraft 14w34b, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 20w22a, 1.16.1, 20w29a, 20w30a, 1.16.2 Pre-release 1, 20w46a, 20w51a, 21w03a, 1.16.5, 21w05b, 21w06a, 21w07a, 21w08b, 1.17.1, 1.18.1, 23w42a, 1.20.5, 1.20.6, 1.21 Pre-Release 4
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      Bed Spawns Outside on Wakeup

      What I expected to happen was...:
      Spawn Inside the building on "wake up"

      What actually happened was...:
      Spawned outside the building on "wake up"

      Steps to Reproduce (updated for 20w30a):

      1. Construct a room without the corner blocks where the walls meet
      2. Place a bed with the foot of the bed in the corner of the room
      3. Stand on the bed such that the pillow is to your left
      4. Sleep in the bed and wake up
        You wake up outside the room
      5. Die and respawn:

        You respawn outside the room

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