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FPS drop from 120 to 3



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 14w33c
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      HP Pavilion Elite HPE-250Of PC, Windows 7
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      So I have been playing Minecraft since Alpha when it first got moving, back when everything was rare to find and I had to live off chopping tree's for light. I've always had excellent FPS, but in this new snapshot, my FPS drops from 200 frames (Usually capped at 60) to 3-5 frames. I was hoping this would be fixed, and I've seen other issues posted similar to this, but people post saying that they drop in FPS, or their world freezes (Can't open chests, doors, etc...). My FPS drops to 0 pretty much, hence the term "Freezes". People say that the FPS Improvements help their FPS higher, and we've seen videos on people over 1,000 frames, but there's a bug that I believe is in the "FPS improvement". I'm not sure what is about it, but in all snapshots I've played, the new blocks never froze me, or gave me any issues since never. But this new render/FPS boost is freezing not only my FPS, but other people's (I've had about 6 others reply to me on the Reddit about their FPS freezing). I guess I could cut down this a lot, but I decided to go into depth on this matter, to attempt to explain exactly what is happening, since I have been a major supporter of Minecraft and have put in over a year's worth of hours about into Minecraft. I play the game nearly every day, and I love to participate in the Minecraft Reddit, Reddit ultra-harcore games, PlayMindcrack, and other smaller servers. But I can't do that anymore on a server involving the snapshot, and I can't even host a server for my brothers to play on because of my FPS freezing. Please look into this issue, I'm nowhere near certain how to explain the issue other then it freezes. I can hit escape just fine and browse my settings, but when I resume minecraft, it freezes. 1.7 and all other versions run wonderfully, and I'm sure I've lost anyone reading this by now, but please look into the FPS boost, I don't want to quit a game I've been playing for nearly 3 years since it was in Alpha for $14.99. Thank you for reading this extremely long paragraph that includes pointless information other then the bug at hand.


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