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Revealed area in map becomes "blocked"


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    • Minecraft 1.4.7
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      I had a map at the maximum zoom level which was 90% explored. Then suddenly (see below)it was completely empty again, and it did not update again EXEPT in the 10% area that was not explored before.

      I expected the explored area to remain explored

      But then the explored area became unexplored again (the default yellow/brown background of the map).

      I am not quite sure how this issue can be reproduced. It happened to me after I traveled off the area covered by the map to where I estimated the centre of the adjacent map would be. I took an unused map with me, activated it there, and then scaled it up to a full zoom map again. Then I stored both the old and the new map in a chest. After I took both maps from the chest the old map was suddenly empty.

      When I traveled back to the area covered by the old map there were no updates to the map (so it remained "empty") exept in the parts That I did not uncover before...

      After restarting the game the map was normal again, and the extra part that I revealed while the map was behaving strangely was now also shown as one of the explored areas.

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