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Breaking non-oak doors yields an oak door item


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    • Minecraft 14w32d
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    • OS: Windows 7
      64 bit up-to-date ((at time of writing)) Java installation
      1.5GB RAM dedicated to Java runtime environment
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      I crafted and misplaced the wrong door type ((Spruce when I wanted Dark oak)) so when I went to remove the door it yielded an Oak Door ((or just "Wooden Door")). I crafted several spares of those three types ((Birch, Jungle and Acacia are untested, assumed to have a similar result)), and placed two of each all in a row. I broke one of each pair from the bottom block using an axe, and the others from the top block using an axe; all six tests yielded an Oak/Wooden Door.

      EDIT: I have now tested it with Birch and Acacia Doors, with identical results.

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