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Attempting to go through a hidden door behind a chest no longer works.



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    • Minecraft 1.4.6
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      Java 6 update 35
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      While playing on our survival server, I attempted to move into a secret area I built. It has not worked correctly since the big halloween update.

      The area in question was a simple doorway with a painting in front of it. The wooden door was checked, and is open. There is a chest on the ground in front of it, and the opening is one block up and behind the chest. Thus to move into the doorway you must first be standing on the chest, then move through the painting. Again, this worked fine until the Halloween update.

      Now it will not allow me to move through as before. I have been able to get through by sprint jumping, but it only works occasionally.

      To reproduce the bug:

      1. Build a wall with a 2x1 opening (normal door size). Make sure the opening is one block up from the ground. So the wall should look like...

      xxx xxxx
      xxx xxxx

      2. Place a wooden door in the opening as normal, then open it.
      3. Place a painting over it to hide the doorway.
      4. Place a chest in front of the opening, like so:

      xxx xxxx
      xxx xxxx

      5. Attempt to enter the doorway by standing on the chest and moving through.

      As mentioned before, this used to work flawlessly and was a great way to hide things. I've been using it for some time to hide a lever that opens a hidden stairway to great effect.

      I did not see anything on the log concerning this error. If I have overlooked it, I apologize. Many thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope it is easily resolved. Great product, and keep up the excellent work.




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