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    • Minecraft 14w30b
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    • I have Windows 7 Ultimate and Java version 7 update 65
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      Hello, i found a bug. When i start runing or flying in my world (sandstone flat with some command blocks and redstone) chunks are unloading behind me. That's not a very big problem, because you don't see it when it's behind you. But when i run, sometimes chunks unload under me and i can see it. (attachments bug report 1 and 2). When press F5 (Thirdperson mode) i can see it much more. (attachments bug report 3,4,5 and 6) And when i press F5 ones more i see this (attachments bug report 7,8,9) But this is happening only if i look behind me. if i look a bit in the ground (under myself) it is not happening (attachments bug report 10 and 11, here you can see the difference).
      I found some bug reports like this, but i think this one is more specific.

        1. Bug report 1.png
          788 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        2. Bug report 10.png
          769 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        3. Bug report 11.png
          661 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        4. Bug report 2.png
          592 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        5. Bug report 3.png
          651 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        6. Bug report 4.png
          606 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        7. Bug report 5.png
          734 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        8. Bug report 6.png
          628 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        9. Bug report 7.png
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          Tomáš Holý
        10. Bug report 8.png
          558 kB
          Tomáš Holý
        11. Bug report 9.png
          335 kB
          Tomáš Holý

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