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In debug mode, touching a pressure plate will crash the game.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 14w25b, Minecraft 14w26c
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      Windows 7(64-bit, latest update), Java 7 (Update 60), Java runtime environment 7(games always complain that I don't have this so I figured it was important, Update 60), 8 gigs(GB) of RAM(4 gigs(GB) allocated for Minecraft.)
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      Touching a pressure plate in a debug world will be reset then will be updated to be touched again and the circle continues until your game crashes.
      Steps to create the bug:
      1. Upon creating a new world, go to more options and hold shift, then click on the world type button till it says something "Debug" related.
      2. This will bring you to a world in witch every data value is created. No block can be destroyed and is reset to its normal value every tick or so. Don't worry there is barriers under the world.
      3. I suggest you turn to creative for this part. Fly around until you find a wood or stone pressure plate(did not test the stone, but they have very similar code no?) .
      4. Fly near the pressure plate then touch it. You will hear some freaky noises, but these are just the mentioned cycle before repeating. Your game will crash after a few seconds-minutes.
      Conclusion: Just a little pop in here, to explain what I think should happen to fix this. See the resetting is one step before the players movement(triggered before the player), but the nit updates again and again, taking little space or time for the player to move out of the way.


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