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Random crash at spawn chunks


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    • Minecraft 14w21b
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    • windows 8
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      I was working on a map and I was walking around the spawn chunks and suddenly crashed. I then reloaded only to crash right away. I then went into MC Edit and deleted the chunks I was crashing in from the save file, then recreated them, only to crash once again.

      I can only move from the chunks using MC Edit, this has happened 3 times now (3 separate worlds), I have updated MC Edit and used several different versions, but still the same result.

      The only pattern I can see is all of the worlds have been empty void worlds, (normal generation and the entire world MC Edidted out) and then bedrock platforms.

      Me guess is that there is an issue with the game when chunks near spawn (or any chunks?) have few blocks and are open to the void the game crashes. Also potentially might have to do with generating new chunks.

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