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Items disappearing when quitting and reloading world.


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      Under snapshot 14w21b, I have noticed two different occasions when an item or unit would disappear. I believe this has to do with the rewritten inventory code that was stated in the upcoming 1.8.0 patch notes for items in the inventory/crafting/furnace interface. On one occasion, I was on my horse and then jumped off of it. I closed the world with my friend to reload it for lagging issues and then my horse was gone. I looked everywhere in the area, but never could find it. I made sure it didn't just wander off. The other occasion had just occurred when I had six (6) raw beef in the furnace. I closed the world and reloaded it, went to my furnace after chopping some wood and mining some stone and coal, and the steaks were gone. It seems that now I look back, this only happens once in a while.

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