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Extreme Lag in 14w20b - Survival mode only! I was playing in my survival world then I got extreme lag, not sure why, but more info in the desc.



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      I was playing in my snapshot survival world and I strangely got extreme lag bursts. I then turn my 64 pxl textures off, and my render distance down, but still extremely laggy. I opened up the shift,f3 menu and studied the graph. It showed that 'tick' was taking up about 75% of it. In the development console it spammed this:

      [07:10:02 INFO]: Client> [07:10:02] [Client thread/WARN]: Something's taking too long! 'root.tick' took aprox 3056.724 ms [07:10:02 INFO]: Client> [07:10:02] [Client thread/WARN]: Something's taking too long! 'root' took aprox 3063.868 ms
      [07:10:03 INFO]: Client> [07:10:03] [Client thread/WARN]: Something's taking too long! 'root.tick.level.chunkCache.recheckGaps' took aprox 676.258 ms
      [07:10:03 INFO]: Client> [07:10:03] [Client thread/INFO]: Warning: Clientside chunk ticking took 676 ms

      I also found this error message:

      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> java.io.IOException: Bad file descriptor
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at java.io.RandomAccessFile.seek(Native Method)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at ayr.a(SourceFile:313)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at ayr.a(SourceFile:253)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at ays.close(SourceFile:234)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at java.util.zip.DeflaterOutputStream.close(DeflaterOutputStream.java:143)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at java.io.FilterOutputStream.close(FilterOutputStream.java:143)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at ayu.a(SourceFile:148)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at ayu.c(SourceFile:136)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at bip.b(SourceFile:32)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at bip.run(SourceFile:25)
      [06:49:44 INFO]: Client> at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:695)

      To be more specific,

      root.tick.level.chunkCache.recheckGaps.checkedPosition < toCheckCount

      is the problem, taking up around 88% of what minecraft is doing. I have tried to fix this by saving and quitting to title, but that sometimes solves the problem, but within about ten seconds the lag comes back. And for some reason, this problem is only one that one survival world I have tried different survival and creative worlds but then

      root.tick.chunkCache.recheckGaps.checkedPosition < toCheckCount

      takes up and undefined amount in creative and 0.02 in another survival world I'll have the survival world included in this post so you can check it out.


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