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Minecraft crashed on closing a chest with E and accidentally pressing 2



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      I was putting some things in a large chest, and then I pressed E to close the chest, but I accidentally pressed 2 as well. Minecraft then crashed. Upon reopening the game and the chest, the items were there, but they were in the positions they were in as soon as I'd put them in the chest, not the positions I moved them to right before the crash.

      The items were all normal Nether items (one Magma Cream, two or three Gunpowders, and several Nether Quartzes), not edited or anything.

      The launcher asked me to report the crash, but I was unable to (for which I'm going to submit another bug report if none exists), so I've attached Minecraft's crash report here.

      I searched for crash chest here, but all of the reports were old and/or didn't seem particularly similar.

      I've since found that other key combinations also cause the crash. I have E set to inventory, F to drop, and 1–9 to the hotbar slots. The crash can be triggered by E + F as well as E + 1–9. It seems like it might depend on what's in the chest, perhaps whether or not there's something in the slot that the cursor is over. It's also quite sensitive to the timing of the keypresses; you might have to try a few times to reproduce.


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