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Wolves (Both Wild and Tame, Including Wild and Tame Pups) Shake Water Off When Dead



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    • Minecraft 1.7.9
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    • (Tested on) Minecraft 1.7.9 amplified worlds, possibly other types of worlds, water, creative mode, Windows 8, flying around attached to a lead, and no mods.
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      Soooo, I don't think this is supposed to happen, but then again, something dead doesn't shake water off. Ik wolves always shake water off after they've been put in water and come out, but I don't think they're supposed to shake off water even when they're dead. Ok, so, the story was that I was just playing around in my newly-created singleplayer Minecraft amplified world, and since I was in creative mode, I decided to spawn a wolf in using a wolf spawn egg. After I did so, I put the wolf on the lead and just flew around with it, putting it in water and stuff because there was really nothing else on that amplified world to do. After putting it in water, I continued to fly around with it still attached to the lead. Then, I accidentally flew too close to the ground and the wolf died. But I noticed water particles coming off of it's carcass. It was shaking the water off and even making shaking sounds a split second before it's carcass automatically disappeared in the air like it always and normally does. I tried that 3 more times with 3 more different wild wolves in creative mode and they still did the same thing, with shaking the water off right before their carcasses automatically disappeared and all. I then decided to try it with tamed wolves (or dogs), wild wolf pups, and tamed wolf pups (or puppies). They all still did the same thing as well. I don't know how long this has been going on for, but I still don't think something dead shakes off water. If it's alive that's normal, but dead? Btw, Minecraft wolves, pups, dogs, and puppies WERE obviously harmed during the testing. Good news: at least they weren't real wolves, pups, dogs, and puppies c:. Below is a screenshot I took of one wolf shaking water off a split second before it's carcass disappeared vvvvv.




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