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Lead's knot on fence post is only visible from the southeast


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    • Minecraft 14w17a
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    • OS X Mavericks 10.9.2
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      What I did:
      1. Put a tamed and saddled horse on a lead
      2. Open a chest, and exchange the remaining lead for a stack of fences
      3. Place one fence post (not next to anything else)
      4. While still holding the remaining fences, right-click the post to attach the lead
      5. Walk around the post and observe that the knot is only visible from the southeast

      Also, the lead terminates at a point in the air above the post, not on the post, though that's already been reported as MC-49361.

      The screenshots are with the John Smith Legacy resource pack, but both bugs are also present with the default pack.

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