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When hosting a LAN server, the host always has default skin


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    • Minecraft 1.7.9
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      When hosting a LAN server, the host always has the default skin instead of their own.

      What usually happens is all the players have their skins that they uploaded on their profile through Minecraft.net.

      However, when me and my friend were playing, the host (me) didn't appear with their skin. When we tried it with my friend, he saw my skin, but his was default.

      1. Get two or more people
      2. Make sure both of them have non-default skins
      3. Have one of them host a LAN server
      4. Let other player(s) join
      5. Observe the host's lack of custom skin

      For extra measures:

      1. Get another player other than the original host
      2. Make them host a server
      3. Let other player(s) join
      4. Observe the new host's lack of custom skin
      5. Observe the old host's custom skin in all of its beauty

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