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in the snapshot 14w11b powered rails dont always work on slopes


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    • Minecraft 14w11b
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    • windows 8.1. java version 1.7.0_51 oracle corporation 32 bit, on 64 bit base
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      Put the summary of the bug you're having here
      I was testing the new minecart speeds, I put about 6 powered rails on some redstone blocks in a diagonal upward slope. first I pushed a regular minecart, as expexted it went shooting off. but when a player or a mob, in my case a sheep go into the cart and try going up a slope on powered rails, you get immediately shoved back down as soon as you hit the slope
      What I expected to happen was...:
      I expected to see the sheep go across the track and shoot off the end

      What actually happened was...:
      , after about 5 tries you usually get up the slope, but you don't always fall off in the same spot when the minecart falls off the rail
      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Put a step by step guide on how to trigger the bug here
      2. ...make a simple diagonal slope with powered rails only, with a small runway. about 8 blocks leading to the slope.
      3. ...get into the minecart and shoot off, the minecart will bounce back as if it hit a wall

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