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Going to 30million blocks limit and getting the "Illegal position" warning won't respawn player one block before the 30 millions limit


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    • Minecraft 14w11b
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      I go to X:29.999.999, then I walk one more block, I get the illegal position warning, and it won't respawn me one block before the limit, as the old 32 millions blocks does.
      Wait a second, 30 millions blocks is the point where fake chunks start, 32 millions blocks is the illegal position...What the heck? Did you change it?
      Anyway, what happens if you go over illegal position, without gettin' kicked of the server?Graphics error?Tons of lag?Bad Chunks or bad generated world? Sort of Far Lands?

      Let's get back to the topic.Before this snapshot update player can get stuck in 30millions limit, with glitchy arm,impossibility to move and you can still break blocks.
      So, can this bug be fixed? Every time I must delete worlds since it won't respawn me..
      Steps to Reproduce
      1.Tp to Corner limit (X and Z : 29999999) or simply tp to the "wall" limit (X:29999999)
      2.Walk one more block (Positive X in case of wall limit, Positive X or Z in case of corner limit), and get to 30 million blocks.
      3.You'll be kicked out with "Illegal position" warning.
      4.It will forever be stuck in Illegal position , so you've just got to delete your world.

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