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Duplication Glitch-Enchanting table



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Duplicate
    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.7.5, Minecraft 1.7.6
    • Fix Version/s: None
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      Java 7,Intel Core i7,Toshiba Satellite pro,windows 7,4gb ram,64 bit, 3gb ram allocated to minecraft
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      Note:this Duplication Glitch has been patched halfly,which means you cant get the real duplicated item, but it still shows that you have a duplicated one but it does no extra damage(if using sword) and takes the same time to mine by hand (if using pickaxe).Therefore,when partly duplicated, it is the same kind as a hand would take to kill or mine.

      Hi there mojang, i saw a duplication glitch on minecraft which may have some problems in the community.

      What i was supposed to be expected:i just saw this on youtube and i just tried it and it works so just fix it

      Steps: If you just want the youtube link here:


      If not here is the steps
      1.have enchanting table and any tool that has durability on it.
      2.go in the gui of the enchanting table and place whatever item in it .
      3.you have to do this quickly.so have your item in your hand(not in the actual enchnating table,just hovering over the slot)then quickly place and pick it up with left click (which means,doubleclick left click quicly over the slot. this was easily done by me using a mouse and touch pad left click
      4.you should see it have another same item in it
      5.make sure your hotbar is empty and place the REAL sword (the one you picked up,not the glitched one) in slot 1
      6. then hover over the glitched one and press 3
      7.the glitched sword is now in your inventory!
      Optional Note:here is supposed to do but since it is patched a bit, this is where it stopped

      8Optional:if its a sword, kill an mob and it will become a real sowrd(one more thing, it also breaks the block instantly even if your in creatibve which is supposed NOT to happen).
      9Optional:if its a pickaxe, well mine something or kill something to grant it real

      i will provide some screenshots when i have time!(its 9:00 overe here when im posting this)


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