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Ability to duplicate nametag using a saddled pig


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    • Minecraft 1.7.5
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    • Java 7
      Windows 7 x64
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      I put a saddle on a pig, then I gave him a nametag by right-clicking. This caused me to mount him and made disappear the nametag from my inventory. The pig was named.

      What happened

      By right-clicking a second time, the nametag came back in my inventory but the pig was still named.

      What I expected

      The nametag shouldn't have come back.

      Probable cause

      It might be caused by a conflict between two actions lead by a one command (right click).
      Also it looks like server protection. You know, when you place a block where you are not allowed to, the block seems consumed but you get it back when right clicking anywhere.

      Note about affected version

      It happened in vanilla 1.7.2 but I couldn't choose it in the box above.

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