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    • Minecraft 1.7.5
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    • OS: Windows 8.1, also had this issue on Windows 7
      Java: 7u51 x64 (just x64, no x86)
      Using **1.6.4** modded (77 mods) with more permsize allowed as well as latest forge, everything else remains unchanged.
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      This error occurs randomly, sometimes when I'm in my singleplayer world, sometimes before it's even at the menu. I don't recall this happening when connecting to multiplayer but I typically use 1.7.4 for that. I've tried updating LWJGL, uninstalling and reinstalling java fully which includes sweeping the registry of all java entries I could find, and I've deleted .minecraft on over 15 different occasions, all of which has only caused more issues.

      This isn't a major issue as it doesn't happen a lot...but it's definitely annoying when you have issues with another mod that are near impossible. It seems to be not related to anything, but who knows.

      Thanks in advanced for any help.

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