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Villagers in my game always cram themselves into one house.



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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.7.5
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      Windows 8
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      Villagers in my game always cram themselves into one house.

      What is expected of villagers during the day is for them to wonder about within their village. And then at night, rain, and/or they detect a zombie, they quickly run into the nearest "house".

      So, villagers should be going around their village during the day and live in different houses depending on the closest one, right?

      In my game, what actually happens is the villagers dash into one house and stay in that house even during the day. Even with no rain/zombies to scare them, they go outside the one house for 0-10 seconds, or after they go a short distance from the door, they then dash back inside as if they saw a Zombie.

      This "crowding of one house" glitch has been a problem in a few ways:

      1. Zombies will summon/spawn other zombies if they are hit by a player. If a zombie is spawned in the house with all the villagers (even if that house is very well lit or has slabs/stairs for floors), not only will it kill all the villagers in the house... but in this case, the whole village!

      2. Villagers are much slower to reproduce. You'd think that since they are clumped into one space they would mate quickly, that's not the case. When one attempts to go "outside" and starts showing signs of wanting to mate, it becomes scared and won't mate after running back inside. This can be a problem because after "failing" to go "outside", they will quickly "reattempt" to go "outside" again.

      3. The noise amplifies. After just a few villagers come into one house, the sound they make as a group on one point is very annoying. They also repetitively open doors, sometimes they get "stuck" in a door and keep opening it instead of going past it. This creates lag, noise spam, and risks unwanted mobs getting in.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Start a village in 1.7.5.
      2. Wait ten seconds.
      3. Face-palm.

      I would like this to be fixed in the next update, if it already isn't being fixed.
      I would add an screenshot attachment, but I can't find the folder for screenshots. Thanks, William Rundstein.


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