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Delayed block drops then set back to where I was a few seconds ago.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.7.5
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      Mac OSX 10.9.2 and Java version 7 update 51
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      In my survival mode world, when I start to mine blocks, the block doesn't drop whatever it is (i.e. stone dropping cobblestone) and when it does I can't pick it up half the time. The worst part about this though is after the animation plays of the block being mined and it disappearing, once I see that it has hasn't dropped anything, I can continue to run around and hit blocks (still not dropping things most the time) but then a few seconds later will get teleported back to the first block where this occurred, with everything I just did reset including the first block I just mined or the drop for the first block now just falling from where the block was. Its like the game realizes that the first block I hit didn't give me anything so it puts me back where I was to try again.
      Side note: I also found there is a delay in other actions I do. If I try to eat something, the animation and sound of me eating will play, but the number of food and my health bar won't change until a couple seconds have passed.

      I expected the block to burst apart then there to be a drop.

      I hit the block, it bursts apart, but there isn't a drop. And if there is a drop, I can't pick it up for a few seconds. If there isn't a drop, I can run around and break more blocks, do whatever. But eventually be reset back to where I was a few seconds ago.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Simply walk up to a block to mine it.
      2. Hit the block apart.
      3. If there isn't a drop, continue to run and continue to smash blocks, or wait.
      4. You'll eventually get teleported back to where you were a few seconds ago right before you mined the block.
      (Sometimes I can play for awhile without this happening, but eventually the game will start doing this forcing me to just quit. Or move to my creative mode world where this doesn't seem to occur.)


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