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Uneditable Chunks. Chunks restore upon unloading


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    • Minecraft 14w07a, Minecraft 14w08a
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      I was very surprised by an unexpected issue which is the following: On 14w07a I edited my Chicken Cooker from Dark Oak to Polished Diorite and when I log back on (having changed to 14w08a) I notice that part of it was still Dark Oak. I checked and saw that the transition between the two blocks was between chunk boarders. If I were to place anything withing the chunk it would be deleted upon it unloading. I tryed leaving entities and they got deleted aswell. Luckily I had a chest in the chunk and when I loot an item form it and unload the chunks it duplicates. Also it is just a single chunk effected by this. I tested all the others in my base but all were as normal.
      If it is a local issue an anyone happens to know what is causing it please make sure to let me know. I really hope there is a fix for this. Best regards, Doomkaliber.
      *Screenshot of how the issue looks like attached

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