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Error textures and very important information



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 14w08a
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      Windows 8 , Java : Standard Edition Version 7 Update 51, well for the environment ... not to regard exactly
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      Hi all I'm dante, Good bug is about: / give name minecraft: end_portal and as you can see on the picture is not "appropriate" texture and put it looks good agencies, but in previous snapshots not could place (it's fixed) but the break is the textures of lava and water.
      Well that would be all Thanks for your attention, those of mojang:'re doing an excellent job but in my opinion they are basing MUCH for Creative and "Map Makers", why is negative in part? that the majority of players play in survival and that is what deverian centrandoce be, but I'm not one to "judge" their work, the creative way they are "polishing" and this perfectly, the "Map Makers" have many more options and many new "resources" do not deny but should be main objective performance minecraft as it is a major drawback for many people, the FPS are "needed" to play a "good" so many and not everyone has a great PC, and yet I have a PC Gamer in which deveria have excellent performance and yet the FPS always go up and down and are not stable, serious PVP Another thing is that Minecraft was never thought for PVP but nowadays there are many online game modes like "Hunger Games, quakecraft, Capture the wool, and even just PVP etc ..." and PVP is not very good to say ... nor the "Artificial Intelligence" (the closer to the zombie follow you if or if even that does not see you and you this behind him) also echo of "Exploration and maps" was supposed to replace the maps mode F3 (which was removed by the community but put it back) maps should put them improve as a marker type zones or coordinate. also echo the exploration ... Why I'm going to a desert? to find a village or temple (why only decierto villages and plains?) what I mean by this? deverian basically to add more things or objectives biomes
      and last and most important ... official compatibly with MODS, why? that community "Moders" is immense and serious all easier and faster (there are millions of people who only play MINECRAFT for mods) an official "API" in vanilla minecraft.
      Okay I say this? : Is basically just an opinion and I would love to take into account since I'm a player since basically that minecraft was released, and it's my favorite game and I love the work you are doing, you really are great but deverian take more encuenta the review of the players .. : D Now, thanks for your time, bye


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