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Ctrl-Click on jukeboxes with discs, place empty (bugged) jukeboxes


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    • Minecraft 15w35e
    • Minecraft 14w07a, Minecraft 14w08a, Minecraft 14w10b, Minecraft 14w18b, Minecraft 14w34d
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    • Windows 7 64
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      If you CTRL-Click a Jukebox, it appears in your inventory with NBT+ data. Normally these items can be placed, retaining all their NBT data.

      What I expected when I used this feature on a jukebox with a record inside. The NBT+ jukebox would still have its disc inside. I should have then been able to take out the disc.

      What actually happened; It placed the Jukebox, but my player could only interact with it as if it were empty. The disc seemed to be gone and it would accept a new disc, and eject the new disc. However, if I placed it and broke the block before placing in a new disc, the old disc would pop out.

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