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When I walk away from my constructions that use Redstone clocks infinite, this clock goes off or gets a continuous stream.



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 1.4.5, Minecraft 1.4.6
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      Windows 7 (64-bit), Java(TM) 7 Update 5 (64-bit)
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      Sorry for my bad English.

      The BUG: Well, I made a digital clock in minecraft in creative mode (but I think this bug is also affected in Survival). It worked. Parti for more distant buildings and let him marking the hours. When I returned to check the hours he was simply stopped. I checked the system, and I came across the clock (made of repeaters) without power, which was not supposed to happen, right? Ok, I checked the system and turn on again. I went back to my other building and after a while veltei to watch, he stop again. I check the system and this time I am faced with the clock in a continuous stream, which was not to happen because the clock is 1 second and threw only 1 tic energy in it.
      I have been searching on the subject and found something about "chunks unload". Li and found that when you're away from a chunck the Minecraft "off" this chunck to decrease the lag, but when she got close to the same league again and it can damage circuits.

      The Idea: Add a command in command block with a radius to always be updating that area, or a specific block. (This is just an idea)

      Why fix it?: Imagine adventure maps using Redstone and these circuits are broken? I'm developing, along with a friend, a map-based adventure Redstone, made a clock for 5 minutes to let repeaters day and clear sky, just that if you get away from him, he simply stop. This is very annoying because we wanted to create that map to put on servers and on forever with this problem but it will not work.

      Extra idea: Jeb could add enchantment "infinity" to put in dispensers, and adventure maps using dispensers to launch monsters could be used without having to be downloaded again to folder "save". (This enchantment only in creative)


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