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Spectator perspective cam not rotated right



    • Type: Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: Minecraft 14w05b
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      java SE U45 64 bit running on NVIDIA GeForce 210 and intel core 2 duo running under windows 7 (64 bit duhh)
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      i was playing around in spectator mode some more earlier when i noticed something peculiar: when i went into perspective mode, i was facing about 90* left or right of what the mob was actually facing. how i noticed #1: i summoned a creeper in creative mode and he looked right at me, and there was a tree on his left side. as he was looking at me, i went into spectator mode and he just kept staring into the space where i was, occasionally turning and turning back. i went into perspective mode to find myself looking at the tree on his left side. i went back out and he was still looking at the space where i was when i created him. #2: i managed to find a village about two minutes later after i got bored with the creeper and found two villagers having a staredown with an occasional nod. i took perspective onto one of them and found i was facing to the right of the other one. i went out and they were still staring at each other. hope you fix this bug cause i don't wanna see the world from a second pair of eyes growing out of the side of the mob/players head, i want to use the same eyes they had before.lol. attachment 2014-02-02_00.49.02 was when i was in brown villager's perspective. attachment 2014-02-02_00.49.16 is showing brown vs. purple villager stareoff momentarily after leaving brown's perspective.


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