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"WASD + Sprint"/ Lockup glitch, (Mac only)



    • Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Minecraft 14w05a
    • Minecraft 14w11b
    • None
    • Tested on Mac OS X versions:
      - Mountain Lion OSX 10.8.3
      - Mavericks 10.9.1
    • Unconfirmed


      • Glitch still present in Minecraft version 1.7.4, Snapshot 14w06b.
        if you change the default sprint key to something other then default.. say CONTROL and you start walking or sprinting then while still holding the new sprint button, let go of WASD, and then let go of the newly assigned custom sprint key and you will continue walking/sprinting in the last pressed WASD direction, this is fine if the last key you pressed was W, but if it was WA, WD or the vary unfortunate S you will start uncontrollably going in that direction until you press escape or the exact paring of keys you pressed when preforming the glitch, say if it was "WA", you can press any WASD key individually but you wont cancel the glitch until you press the initial key combination you pressed when you executed the glitch in this case being "WA", but by the time you figure out whats happening most unfortunate things can occur,
      • it's really nice to have sprint on a different key and this glitch kinda brakes that..

      _Summary/tutorial: Assign "Sprint" to a custom key, press a WASD key, say WA, then press and hold the new sprint button while continuing to press WA, while you are still holding the new sprint key let go of all WASD keys.. in this case WA, now let go of the new sprint key, and you will find that you are now walking in the WA direction, you can now press any WASD keys an they will not do anything, and the only way to stop moving it to press WA again, no other WASD key/key combos with stop you from going in the WA direction. Only pressing the inital key combo again, opening an inventory/chest/furnace, or pressing escape will cancel the glitch.
      This glitch has been confirmed to work on the following keyboards, :
      Apple Wireless Keyboard,
      Logitech Model K350 Keyboard
      Logitech Model MK300 Keyboard
      Logitech Model MK320 Keyboard
      (I have 2 Logictech K350 keyboards, and have tested with both,)

      • (i have also found that the glitch does not apply to the windows version of minecraft).




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